Founded in 2014, Aequitaz is the brainchild of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with a shared vision to capitalize on ethical business ventures, all over the world. Headquartered in Isle of Man, we have offices in a number of Middle Eastern and South Asian markets. Relying on our expertise, we bridge opportunities for our clients to help them participate in lucrative business ventures, across the globe.

Broadly based on the principles of business participation, our product portfolio is primarily designed to serve our clients who aspire to participate in business opportunities in international markets. We believe in nurturing long-term business relationships on the strength of our strategic pillars of integrity, transparency, fairness, responsibility and prudence.

Our skilled team of professionals liaise with the clients for a prior understanding of their priorities and preferences. The information, thus obtained, drives the investment parameters such as asset allocation, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity requirements for effective management of client portfolios.

Acting with utmost care and diligence our professional portfolio managers synchronize these priorities and preferences with appropriate investment opportunities. The desired results are achieved by maximising the returns for the clients through intelligent investment decisions, transaction management and execution. Keeping the client confidence intact, Aequitaz utilizes regular reporting, performance measurement and presentation.

Through extensive interaction and continuous consultation, we assist our clients arrive at the final decision regarding their investments for optimum returns.

Regular reporting and annual reviews of our client’s investment policy help us align short, medium and long term objectives to their investment portfolio.

Aequitaz aims to become a global provider of business participation solutions based completely on the Shariyah principles of Islamic finance. It aims to become its clients preferred provider of business opportunities, bringing international and innovative business solutions to local businesses worldwide.

Our mission statement is straight forward. We shall collaborate with clients and help them grow their portfolios into viable assets in the short, medium and long term.

Aequitaz is incorporated in the Isle of Man as well as Lahore, Pakistan. We have offices in the Isle of Man. The Portfolio Management team is based in the Isle of Man and Lahore. The Relationship Management teams are operating out of our offices in the Isle of Man.

Correspondence Address

Isle of Man :- LJ Commerce House, 1 Bowring Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM8 2LQ
UK :- 5 Ensign House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf, London E14 9XQ.
Ireland :- 68 Harcourt Street , Dublin 2, Ireland.
Jordan :- P.O.Box 962025, Amman, 11196, Jordan.

Medium to Long Term:

Our medium and long term business expansion plans involve expanding operations to other South Asian and African markets

The Global Financial Crisis has given rise to inflation. Its capacity to depreciate real value of assets and equity holdings makes it a cause of concern for private investors, all over the world. Soft commodities, being linked to inflation, present a viable defence against inflation and its adverse effects.

The traditional model for investment in soft commodities is the collective fund including closed ended investment trusts, open ended unitised trusts and a fast expanding list of exchange traded funds (ETF): the low cost passively managed funds with underlying portfolios closely linked to specific indices. The most effective of these funds is ETF. However, the main demerit of ETF is that the funds are all designed to mirror the chosen underlying index so by definition out performance is impossible and in reality the most that can be expected is marginal under performance after deduction of the management fees.

Aequitaz collectives are not linked with indices. Through research and analysis, we identify specific soft commodities after studying their trends and demand-and-supply ratios. Once decided, we purchase the commodity directly from the farmers and hold it in our warehouses. Based on our pre-purchase analysis, the commodities are sold at the best possible price. By providing a protection against negative global market forces and removing the role of the middleman, we make this model beneficial for both the investor and the farmer.

For professional and private investors, aspiring to gain exposure to the soft commodities, Aequitaz offers excellent service and growth in capital through our soft commodity collectives.

Aequitaz understands the growth-oriented dynamics of hard commodities including energy commodities providing for a medium to long term boost for capital. Urbanisation in the developing economies, natural growth in the developed economies and a chronic shortfall in electricity and energy resources in many countries in the frontier markets are fuelling the demand for hard commodities including oil, natural gas and coal.

Aequitaz Hard Commodities Collectives offers our investors an exposure to investments in hard commodities. The funds locked in the hard commodity collectives are invested directly in the asset management of mining companies in the resource rich developing countries. The hard commodities collectives are an excellent opportunity for investors interested in low risk and long term capital growth.

We also provide our clients opportunities to invest in the international trade deals of hard commodities through our trade financing funds. We identify the demand for a specific commodity and purchase the commodity directly from the exporting country. This model removes the middle man hence increasing the profitability of our investors. This asset class is ideal for medium term growth of capital with relatively higher risk and rewards.
The gradual shift in the global economic hegemony in favour of China, India and Brazil, with their ever-stronger purchasing power parity, has a more pronounced impact on the commodity prices. The acceleration in economic activity, a multiplying population, and scarcity of valuable resources such as arable land and water supply usher in a new era of opportunities for growth-oriented medium and long term investments.

Offering a unique investment opportunity to our clients, Aequitaz is already managing agri-based commercial projects including dairy farms and corporate farming in emerging markets.

With a primary focus on facilitating our clients to invest directly in the commercial farmlands, dairy farms and protein farms, Aequitaz is creating cashable opportunities for upcoming private investors.

Taking care of the legal and operational responsibilities of commercial agri projects, we let our clients enjoy the full benefits of this great asset class/investment opportunity.
The advent of Renewable Energy & Bio Commodities offers a lucrative investment opportunity as well as a protection against impeding climate change. The higher costs of conventional sources of energy e.g. oil, gas and coal alongside their depleting reserves calls for Renewable Energy & Bio Commodities industry, focusing on utilization of raw materials from forestry, agriculture, aquaculture and even solid waste to develop bio commodities to meet growing energy and power needs of frontier markets.

Through our Renewable Energy and Bio Commodities fund, Aequitaz offers its clientele attractive investment opportunities in the alternative energy sector especially cultivation and development of bio-fuels, with higher returns. We also facilitate our investors to cash in on international deals for procurement of bio fuels and the raw materials used in the production of bio-fuels.
Aequitaz Real Estate Collective Scheme offers individual subscribers a reliable platform for investment in the real estate market, duly assisted by our professional real estate management team. The scheme encourages members to invest their capital alongside other investors with a view to benefit from the nature of group investments.

With a primary focus on profits, Aequitaz Real Estate Collective is designed to help investors reap the benefits of rentals when the rentals are high and to secure the maximum advantage from the sale and purchase in real estate in periods of fluctuating property prices.

Superior transactions and unsurpassable managerial skills remain the hallmarks of our real estate management team who optimize profits for our clients by taking timely and quick investment decisions in the real estate market. Moreover, our portfolio managers are trained for effective utilization of clients’ capital maintaining highest standards of integrity by keeping the clients posted on the state of individual portfolios through performance measures and regular reporting.
Aequitaz Independent Asset Management services are based on a model whereby the investors provide the finance and Aequitaz provides execution, settlement, custody, reporting and relevant services.
Aequitaz specialises in assisting public and privately-owned companies in raising funds for the realization of long-term, multi-million dollar projects. .

With a talented team that shares a solution-focused mind-set, connections with highly diversified funding sources and in-depth industry expertise, Aequitaz can meet your financing needs with the most competitive financing instruments.

Whatever the size, their geographical profile or their needs, our culture of commitment to excellence, integrity and stewardship allows us to help fulfil the business vision of our clients.

  • Power and Energy Generation
  • Commercial Buildings Shopping Malls
  • Mining Projects
  • Commercial Agriculture
  • Highways, Railways and Bridges
  • Resorts and Hotels
Razi Rana is the Chairman and founding partner of Aequitaz Capital.

His earlier career in fund management was as the CEO of Aslan Partners (2010-2014). He has a wealth of experience in structuring financial products, Relationship Management and Portfolio Management specifically in the area of Islamic Finance.

Previously, Razi has worked for investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Bank of America, HSBC and RBS in various capacities.

Razi is a graduate from University of Manchester and a member of the CFA Institute.
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Saquat Ali is the CEO and founding partner of Aequitaz Capital.

He has twenty five years of experience in investment banking who possess a broad knowledge of the global financial marketplace. He has a track record of managing departments and multi-functional teams during his extensive investment banking experience including, Asset Management, Prime Brokerage Hedge Funds, Middle Office Operations and Cross Product Technology from tier one investment banks.

Mr. Saquat Ali has worked for a diverse range of banks and investment houses including Barclays Capital, Commerzbank, Henderson Global Investors, Bank of New York Mellon, UBS Investment Bank, Merrill Lynch, Morley Fund Management, COUTTS & Co and more.

Mr. Saquat Ali holds a CIB from the London Guildhall University and is a member of Institute of Financial Services.
Chief Operating Officer
Umer Suleman has worked in different finance roles gaining experience different sectors, starting his career in Deutsche Bank and subsequently working with leading global advisory firm, Ernst and Young, specialising in the Real Estate and Construction sector. He was part of a specialist team that managed Private and Public joint initiatives. Umer has gone onto cement his financial services expertise, serving as a Global Risk Manager for a major international bank. Umer also serves pro - bono as a special projects advisor for the Islamic Finance Council.

Umer graduated in Economics from the University of London and is currently pursuing a Post Grad Diploma in Governance, Risk & Compliance from Manchester Business School.